Dough and Joe (translation: Bread with Coffee)

Charlie’s Best Bread
1808 Garnet Ave. (near Lamont)
San Diego, CA 92109

Charlie’s Best Bread has been located in the beach area since 1988, first as a bakery in Bird Rock before moving to their Pacific Beach location on Garnet.  While I wasn’t paying attention about 4 years ago they have changed their store’s concept from a bread store to a bakery that includes coffee as well as scones, muffins, and more.

I was surprised and delighted. They had me from the moment I saw the sample pumpkin chocolate muffins. And, then when I noticed the scones come in two sizes, I knew this was a place I need to breeze in and out of occasionally.

I’ve visited a few times over the past two months and knew Patty and I had to try it together this month.

On this month’s coffee outing we each had coffee (local Cafe Moto) in “real” cups and sat outside the store for some fresh air. Their coffee menu includes the usual choices of a cortado, macchiato, Americano, & Mexican mocha, but they also offer cold brew and pour overs.

Please note: the bakery’s aroma  is fabulous! I bought a large raspberry scone that’s about the size of a Frisbee for $3.00. The small scones are 75 cents. Who can go wrong with scones?

The smell of baked goods greeted us.

Although our blog is typically about coffee, this entry is about the delicious baked goods you can have with your coffee and what’s better than that?

It’s time to give Charlie’s Best Bread with coffee a try. Yum! There’s plenty of free parking in front, so there’s no excuse not to come.

Hours: Mon.-Sat. 6:00am to 7:00pm and Sundays 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Look for this store front off Garnet Ave. near Kendall St.


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