One Cup at a Time

Philz Coffee
8849 Villa La Jolla Dr. (at Nobel Dr.)
The Shops at La Jolla Village
San Diego, CA 92137

Patty visited Philz in San Francisco’s Mission District a couple of years ago and we were eager to try the new San Diego location. We usually visit independent coffee shops, but Philz has locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Encinitas, and Washington, D.C.

Its service model is different from other coffee spots we’ve enjoyed. The customer talks directly to the barista to place the coffee order and that same barista makes the coffee at their personal coffee station. They have an extensive menu with fascinating names and clear explanations of what you are getting, but you can adjust it to your whims. According to their website, “You won’t find any lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, or pre-brews. Instead, you’ll find over 20 customized blends made from high quality beans from around the world.”

I had to try the Canopy of Heaven (herbs, citrus, strawberry) and Patty had a Tantalizing Turkish (cardamon, herbs, tobacco…not actual tobacco). The menu has the coffee divided into three categories: dark, medium, and lighter blends. The menu is so intriguing that it serves as a magnet to encourage me to return and try another cup. Good looking food, too.
The day we visited the place was bustling with every table occupied and every single person (with the exception of two men having a conversation) was on their computer or phone. What happened to going out to savor a lovely experience without being connected to WIFI? Oh well, we enjoyed a table outside.

Philz was started by Phil (with no z) from Lebanon. He started a quest 25 years ago to make a really great cup of coffee. Their coffees are customized blends crafted over time by Phil. Many drinks include a mint leaf on the top. Visit their website at for the full story.

Parking is plentiful and free. Orders may be placed in advance for easy pick-up at the front counter.


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1 Response to One Cup at a Time

  1. equipsblog says:

    Next time I’m in San Diego or DC I’ll try to check this out. Sounds different. A personal lament on any coffee shop that has free wifi: it has become almost impossible to get a table because people sit there for hours staring in their tablets, cell phones or laptops.

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