Waste Time Together

Scrimshaw Coffee
5542 El Cajon Blvd. (west of 56th St.)
San Diego, CA  92115

“Waste time together” is the slogan of Scrimshaw, a new coffee shop in the SDSU El Cajon Blvd. business district. But they’re not wasting time with their wonderful coffee, they’re working hard to give us this place to, as they say, waste time together. In other words, it’s a wonderful coffee shop to hang out with friends. I guess one could call that wasting time together. I just call it fabulous, thanks to creators Roger and Will.

Owner Roger made our Salted Maple Latte.

Right now their coffee beans are from Dark Horse Roasters (http://www.darkhorsecoffeeroasters.com/), but they are working on a signature roast of their own. They also offer some coffee drinks with Modern Times Coffee beans (https://www.moderntimesmerch.com/collections/coffee/coffee). We enjoyed a seasonal Salted Maple Latte…what a treat! They’ll have a new seasonal drink in December.

Our delicious Salted Maple Latte…notice the handsome piece of wood that was selected & crafted for a cafe counter top.

They offer scones, donuts, bagels, & even Pop-Tarts to enjoy with their fabulous coffee.  We got animal crackers with our latte…a fun treat!


Scrimshaw Coffee is open 6am to 6pm daily. Parking is on the street without parking meters, but with a 2 hour limit.

Scrimshaw, the art form, began during a whaler’s downtime as carvings on whale bones or teeth, a folk art started in the early 1800’s (or at least first recorded then). The person doing scrimshaw is called a scrimshoner. If you’d like to learn more see: http://www.gustavus.com/heidi/scrim.html

Some of the cafe art work is below, along with a map from the late 1800’s of San Diego:

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1 Response to Waste Time Together

  1. equipsblog says:

    You are getting further afield with this coffee shop. Almost makes me wish I were still in San Diego to be able to ‘waste time together.” Would love to try Salted Maple Latte since Salted Caramel is my latest addiction.

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