Good Things Take Time

OB Beans Coffee Roasters           
4879 Newport Ave. (near Cable)
San Diego, CA 92107

Their philosophy is boldly announced on the wall of OB Beans.

Good things take time and that’s what the owners of OB Beans aim to do with their farm to cup philosophy. It’s about the relationship between the farmer and these friends who formed OB Beans and eventually you when you buy a cup of coffee from them. The owners have gone to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Oaxaca, Mexico, to buy beans directly from small coffee farmers. Meeting the farmer puts a face to the coffee and assures them that the farmers are being paid fairly while their beans maintain a high quality. I can attest to the quality of their cold brew and mochas! Read about their Guatemala journey at

But their mission doesn’t end with coffee…their website asks, “What if coffee was more than a jump start to your day?  Our mission is to do as much good as possible from farm to cup while helping people experience and enjoy fresh roasted, high quality, specialty coffee.” So in addition to providing a delicious cup of coffee, they give back to the local community, as well as where they purchase their beans. For example, they donate to Ride for Water, a nonprofit providing safe drinking water in El Salvador. In San Diego they support Young Life, a youth mentoring organization. Hear about it at

Photos of their beans being picked, purchased, and processed decorate the walls.

Photos of their farm to cup steps line the walls, along with a piece of the shipping container that sent some beans from Central America to San Diego. Beans are roasted onsite, so the smell wafts through the space. The repurposed furnishings suit OB’s environmentally conscious reputation. It’s dog and flip-flop friendly, as well.

Notice the other businesses sharing the space…

Their shop space is shared with Wailua Shave Ice and Coastal Native with beachwear and accessories. Nearby are other unique, independently owned shops to explore with your cup of coffee in hand. See

There are no parking meters on Newport, although there is a 2 hour parking limit. Wednesday from 4:00 to around 8:00pm is the OB Farmer’s Market one block west, so parking may be a little limited. The OB way to get here is by bike or foot!

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1 Response to Good Things Take Time

  1. equipsblog says:

    Can’t wait to get back to OB so I can try this new place. It sounds marvelous.

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