Keeping It Classy San Diego

Lofty Coffee Little Italy Café & Bakery
444 W. Cedar St. (at Columbia St.)
San Diego, CA 92101

I fell in love with Lofty Coffee’s Turkish Latte 4 years ago when I discovered their Encinitas coffee shop.  They have other excellent options, but it’s their bold espresso with a hint of cardamom that kept me going back. With their new Little Italy location I don’t have to drive to Encinitas. It’s the largest in their chain of 4 (other Lofty Coffee locations at This site, opened just over one month ago, is a modern space with a bit of a bay view. Design lovers will also appreciate the Beaumont Building designed by Rob Quigley next door.

Lofty Coffee at Cedar and Columbia with the Quigley Beaumont Building behind.

While the Turkish Latte is my favorite, I’m intrigued by their Kyoto cold brew system (see photo). It looks like a science experiment, but is actually a very slow drip cold brewing process.

The Kyoto cold brew drip process.

I keep a bag of their “Keeping It Classy San Diego” espresso in my freezer should I want to brew a pot of Lofty Coffee at home (although mine is never as good as their Turkish Latte). For those of you who missed the Will Farrell movie Anchorman, he plays a San Diego TV anchorman who closed his news show with, “Stay classy San Diego”.

Another reason to come: they make their own bake goods that are locally sourced & organic.

There are a few things to know about Little Italy, though:  1. Parking is always tough! You’re better off  coming by Uber, taking the trolley, or biking here.  2. Saturday morning might not be the best time to come as the café is on the Farmer’s Market street (unless you don’t mind fighting the crowds). I prefer Sunday as it’s quieter & metered street parking is free on Sundays (if you can find a spot, that is). But Little Italy is always worth facing its parking challenges. Check this website for other reasons to come to Little Italy:

Open M-F 6:00am-6:00pm, Sat./Sun. 7:00am-8:00pm


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1 Response to Keeping It Classy San Diego

  1. equipsblog says:

    You make it sound so inviting. I may have to begin my Uber experience.

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