Coffee + Creativity

Communal Coffee
2335 University Ave. (at Texas)
San Diego, CA 92104

The more we visit coffee shops the more I realize that there are so many ways to offer an unusual coffee experience. Communal Coffee is definitely a switch from other coffee spots I’ve enjoyed and I love it! Communal Coffee shares space with Native Poppy so their pairing line is “Coffee + Flowers.” How’s that for a unique collaboration?

They are located on University, a busy street, but as soon as I took one step inside their shop it felt like I was walking into a new taste and sight adventure. I was fascinated by the ambiance they created mixing industrial with mid-century modern with touches of clever and a dash of femininity. Both spaces merge seamlessly sharing the same design aesthetic.

Chemex coffee is one of the options at this creative cafe.

Chemex coffee is one of the options at this creative cafe.

Their coffee menu offers interesting combinations such as maple cardamon latte and lavender honey latte. I saw the traditional and seasonal flights of lattes too late for my order, but I’m certain to return for a flight. I watched with interest as a customer walked to his seat with three small lattes balanced on a wood flight board. Ah! I tried the batch brew to taste their regular cup of coffee. It’s brewed by Sightglasss Coffee in San Francisco (

Native Poppy, the flower portion of the enterprise, is named after California’s state flower, the poppy. Their floral design aesthetic is a natural look of flowers—as if you simply walked through a field of wildflowers and carefully selected and arranged the flowers with love. Their arrangements are lovely and welcoming and even they provide a flow chart for deciding what best meets your needs and a menu of flowers. A selection of quality gifts completes the space.

Open every day from 6:00 to 6:30 (with the exception of some holidays). There are a few parking spaces on the Texas St. side of the building, otherwise there is free street parking on Texas St.

I love our monthly outings and they never cease to amaze me and remind me that San Diego is full of treasures around every corner.

We couldn't help but smile at this character in their garden seating area.

We couldn’t help but smile at this character in their garden seating area.

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