Aloha Ka’u Coffee

Last month I was in Vietnam enjoying their robust coffee. This month my blog partner is in Hawaii & sent this news:

Aloha to Ka'u Coffee!

Aloha to Ka’u Coffee!

I’m out and about right now and of course I’m on the lookout for some interesting and delicious coffee. I’m in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I know you’ve probably heard of the deliciousness that is Kona coffee. But, have you heard of Ka’u coffee?

Ka‘u is in the southern part of the Big Island. It’s the island’s largest district in terms of land area. You could put the entire island of Oahu in the Ka‘u district and still have space left. Although it is a large area, Ka‘u is one of the least populated districts. Ka‘u coffee is grown in their rich volcanic soils. Check out where the Ka’u district is on this map:

Each year they host a Ka‘u Coffee Festival and this year’s big event will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2016. You’ll enjoy music, talking to coffee professionals, or taking a farm or mill tour. The event will host numerous vendors selling locally made arts and crafts. For more info visit

In Hilo we made a joyful stop at its farmer’s market. Four delicious papayas for $1 and we’re feeling quite happy. We found a couple of vendors selling Ka’u coffee. We had a sample, then a cup, and we were sold.

We discovered Sharks Coffee at the farmer’s market and found they also grow macadamia nuts and make their own chocolate. We heard it pairs well with coffee, but we’re thinking it will also pair with a glass of red wine for later in our trip. The company offers From Tree to Cup coffee tours as well as chocolate tours including a chocolate making class. Their farm is located in the Papaikou area of Hilo. Learn more about them at

This new info makes me want to schedule another trip to the Big Island soon!


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