Books and Beans

Kassianna, The Living Room Cafe                       Kassianna Living Room
San Diego Central Library Courtyard
330 Park Blvd. (also facing J St. & 11th Ave.)
San Diego, CA 92101

What is there about a good book that almost requires one to have a cup of coffee or tea? I’ve long been a fan of this combination and now our Central Library allows me to do this with Kassianna Living Room coffee in their front courtyard.  While I can’t curl up in a comfy chair like I would at home, I can sit under a shade tree with the book I’ve just checked out and my coffee in hand. I prefer just a black coffee, but if you prefer fancier coffee treat yourself to their Mint Mocha…you’ll be glad you did! You might even enjoy your book more. A description of the Mint Mocha is in the following post about the Point Loma Living Room.

The name Kassianna is a combination of the owner’s niece’s names, Kassandra & Adrianna. The other part of the name (Living Room) is for the association she has with the local Living Room Cafe. They brew Peerless coffee, serve sandwiches, and offer a few other food items. Their baked goods come from Bread and Cie, a popular Hillcrest baker.

Kassianna opens when the library does (10:00 Mon.-Thurs. and noon Fri., Sat. & Sun.) and they close at 6:00pm daily. Parking & public transportation information is at . Here’s a tip to finding the parking garage entrance: go south on 10th Ave., turn left at K St., left in one block at 11th Ave., and the ramp down to the garage will be immediately on your right. You can validate your parking ticket inside the library near the checkout counter. Two hours will be free, but it gets pricey after that.

You’ll notice bricks in the courtyard, like Helen’s below. Learn more about it at

 You’ll notice bricks in the courtyard with various inscriptions. If you’d like to have your own go to

Get a book upstairs from their free library and enjoy it under this Audrey Hepburn tree at the Point Loma Living Room.

At the Point Loma Living Room you can get a book upstairs from their free library and enjoy it with your coffee under this Audrey Hepburn display.

The Point Loma Living Room Coffee House
1018 Rosecrans (near Talbot)
San Diego, CA 92106

The Living Room in Point Loma is housed in the historic Jennings House and it proudly presents the marker of Historic Landmark #55 by its front door. Built in 1886 for Sheriff Frank Jennings, it’s the oldest house in the neighborhood.

Its eclectic, vintage ambiance will remind you of your favorite album days. John Denver, Loggins & Messina, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand and many more vintage albums decorate the walls. A salute to Audrey Hepburn got our attention.

They serve Gaviña Gourmet Coffee ( We tried a mint coffee mocha with a cream de menthe syrup added. Absolutely delicious! If you want more than a cup of coffee, they can help you out as they serve a variety of menu items, beer, and wine.

There’s free parking in the back, two-hour parking in front, and longer parking on side streets. There is a welcoming patio in the front and outside tables continue along one side and in back of the cafe. Take a peek upstairs where you’ll find some shelves for take-a-free-book-leave-a-free-book. It’s another opportunity to enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee!

There are also Living Room coffee shops in Old Town, La Jolla, & near SDSU at 5900 El Cajon Blvd.

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