Feeling Perky?

Perky Beans Coffee

This Perky truck is available for parties.

This Perky truck is available for parties or visit their coffee shop at 4750 Cass St. in Pacific Beach.

4750 Cass St (corner of Cass and Missouri)
San Diego, CA 92109

Sometimes a fun sign is all you need to help you enjoy your cup of coffee.
Here are the two signs we spotted at Perky Beans Coffee:

Dear Coffee,
I love you.
That is all.


You have to love a coffee shop that calls itself “perky.” Perky Beans started as one of the first mobile cafés in San Diego, but they have expanded to cafés. The mobile café or “coffee truck” can be reserved for private or public events including weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, etc.

They serve Cafe Calabria coffee and we tried and enjoyed the dark roast. They boast they are “San Diego’s Original Home of Frozen Hot Chocolate.” That’s on my “to do” list.

Enjoy a cup of coffee, read a sign, and make it a perky day.

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