Swell Coffee

Look for their surf swell logo.

Look for their surf swell logo.

Swell Cafe

3833 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA 92109

Midway between the vast Pacific Ocean and San Diego’s very own jewel, Mission Bay, runs Mission Boulevard connecting Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. It’s on that boulevard that you’ll find Swell Cafe. And, it is . . . well, swell.

If you are walking along the ocean’s boardwalk or running along the bay’s boardwalk, Swell Cafe might be just the place you’ll want to stop and savor as you watch the buzz of activity along Mission Blvd. while sitting and sipping in Swell’s patio.

I was impressed when they were the venue for honoring San Diego’s full-time and part-time “Lifeguard of the Year” at their grand re-opening in September. I love their community spirit!

Parking can be complicated four mornings a week, between 8AM and 10AM, when the city doesn’t allow parking to sweep the streets. So, be sure to carefully read the parking signs to avoid a pesky ticket.

Visit their website to learn more about this eco-friendly shop information and about their new venture: roasting small batches of coffee.

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