Choose Your Brew

Modern Times Brewery
3725 Greenwood St. (near Rosecrans & Sports Arena Blvd.)

Coffee & beer, both on tap at Modern Times

Coffee & beer, both on tap at Modern Times

Choose your brew: coffee or beer and now both! Modern Times Brewery in the Point Loma area brews a marvelous Black House Coffee Stout, but now they are giving us the chance to enjoy the beans they roast for this stout. In other words, they are offering Black House Coffee, cold press style. A small (roughly a 6 oz.) glass will only cost you $2 ($3.50 if you want a slightly bigger glass). Hang on to your bar stool, though, because it’s strong…in caffeine, not alcohol. (In terms of alcohol strength, the Black House Coffee Stout is 5.8% alcohol.) You can also fill your growler with either the coffee or the stout. What’s a growler? It’s usually a ½ gallon glass bottle for beer-to-go, but at Modern Times you can also use it for your coffee-to-go. (Note, the empty growler must be purchased from them or another brewer, but may be filled again and again).

So now that you know about growlers, let’s get back to Modern Times coffee. Their cold press coffee is strong, but cold press coffee is strong by nature. Sorry, no hot cups of coffee or creative coffee drinks. They usually have just 1 or 2 cold press choices on tap: Black House, Red Wine Barrel Aged of Kenya Peaberry, depending on what was pressed the day before (it’s a 24 hour process). If cold press coffee is new to you see our Broke Girls Coffee Bar blog (posted on Sept. 22, 2014) for an explanation of this process. In very simple terms think of it as the sun tea of coffee, only a little more involved than just putting tea bags & water in the sun. If you like the coffee you can buy the beans & brew some yourself at home. The 3 choices are usually available in 12 oz. bags, but they soon will be available at Whole Foods.

The tasting room is worth the trip, too. Known as their Lomaland Fermentorium, it’s a 2,000 square feet space with bar stools & some former church pews for seating. The far wall greets you with a mosaic of Michael Jackson holding Bubbles, his chimp, made with over 10,000 Post-Its. Design credit goes to Amy Krone, who is also their in-house coffee roaster. You’ve got to see it to understand what I’m talking about, so have a look here (although it’s best to see it in person): At this time there are only potato chips in the way of food at Lomaland, so you are welcome to bring in your own food.

No coffee is offered at their North Park tasting room, but they do offer the coffee stout there and they have their own Post-It art gallery. Visit the Modern Times Flavordome at 3000 Upas St. (at 30th St.) in North Park.

Street parking at their Point Loma facility is free, but limited. In North Park try residential side streets for more street parking options. Both facilities open at noon every day & are open until at least 10:00pm (Fri. & Sat. until midnight). Free tours (adults of drinking age only) at the Point Loma brewing site are Sat. at 1:00 & Wed. at 3:30. No reservations needed, but call to make sure it’s being offered the day you’d like to go.

Dogs aren’t allowed in the Pt. Loma facility, but are allowed on the patio in North Park.

New coffee bar & early hours: The Point Loma Modern Times has a bar area devoted to coffee, opening at 7:00am daily. No beer at this hour, but I can vouch for the power behind their espresso & variety of milks for your latte (even macadamian).

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