Coffee’s Ready!

Julian Pie Company

Coffee and pie are calling your name

Coffee and pie are calling your name

2225 Main Street
Julian, Ca 92036
I love San Diego County’s backroads any day of the year, but I do know some folks who think Julian is synonymous with October. So if you are thinking about planning your October Julian Adventure, you might want to remember the Julian Pie Company.

Sure. They have pies. They are delicious pies and they even have a scrumptious sugar free pie. But, did you know Julian Pie Company serves up a fine cup of Boyds Coffee ( in a refill-free cup? That’s right, get your cup or your refill and head to the front porch deck. Grab the rocking chair if it’s empty and take a rockin’ break.

Julian Pie Company was the only place in town that veered from Farmer Brother’s Coffee that’s served in most Julian locations. Julian Pie Company updated me recently that the restaurant across the street had recently switched to Boyds. For espresso drinks they use Illy.

Wifi is free, just ask for the password. There’s parking in front, but on weekends sometimes parking is limited. That said, park your car and stroll down Julian Main Street and savor some crisp mountain air while making your way towards a cup of coffee you’re sure to enjoy. After all, that’s why you’re there.

If you can’t make it to Julian, stop at their Santa Ysabel location at 21976 Highway 79, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070, 760-765-2400. It’s located right by the popular bakery, Dudley’s. Both are open 9AM to 5PM (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter)

A visit to Julian Pie Company can be accompanied by a pie or a cider donut with maple or chocolate frosting to take home. Then, there’s their apple nut bread. Yum. You can’t go wrong. Have something while you are there and take something home, too. I’m not sure if Julian calories count. 🙂

I confess that while I do love their coffee, the weather was hot the last time I was there and I am a big fan of their fresh brewed ice tea. It comes with free refills as well. And, the rocking chair works with coffee or ice tea.

The rocking chair has your name on it, too!

The rocking chair has your name on it!

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