Put a Little Spice in Your Coffee


Caffe Vicino
2615 Denver St. (near Clairemont Dr. & I-8)
San Diego, CA 92110

Barista Beth

Barista Beth

Vicino means “neighbor” in Italian & from the neighborhood foot traffic this tiny coffee shop gets they must be very good neighbors! Any time I’ve been here they’re busy with people popping in for a cup to go or lingering with laptops, sitting with friends or playing one of their games. That’s right, games. When was the last time you played Find It? I’d never heard of it (http://www.finditgames.com/), but it entertained me in between sips of my lavender white mocha. That’s right, lavender mocha. They have a unique selection of coffee drinks from this lavender mocha to a spicy Mexicano to several salted caramel options. I love them all, but if you don’t see what you like on their posted menu, ask barista Beth to see their “secret menu”.

Check out their website (www.caffevicino.net) for a list of their daily specials, like Wired Wednesday where a 2nd shot of espresso is free! I was there today for Accent Day, a monthly special that gives you 50 cents off if you order with an accent. I can’t do a decent accent of any kind, so I ordered in Spanish & that was acceptable.

There’s also a book exchange and free coffee grounds for your garden. Open daily until 5:00pm/3:00pm on weekends. Parking is free & no problem finding in this quiet neighborhood. Be sure to drop a tip in the barista’s “travel fund” tip jar. I asked Beth if she’d quit when the jar collection got big & she assured me she always comes back (I’d hate to lose a good barista). They’re adventurous with their coffee, so help them head out on some real adventures.

On a sentimental note: Our coffee blog idea was born here a year ago…see what a little cayenne pepper in your coffee will produce!


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