Swing into the 1950’s

Swing into the 1950’s  
Pine Valley Java
in Major’s Diner
28870 Old Highway 80
Pine Valley, CA 91962
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Majors Diner edit
I love our San Diego mountains and finding a great cup of coffee while enjoying fresh mountain air is a treat.    Several years ago we were happy to find Pine Valley Java. The owner was outstanding and always greeted us by name and asked if we were going to or from the cabin. But, life happens and he sold the business and stopping became less frequent. It sold again (or maybe a few more times) and now it has relocated to a side area of Major’s Diner where it has become one of our favorite coffee spots.
You may enter from the side door, get your cup of coffee, and hang out on their deck enjoying that crisp mountain air and big, blue sky. Or, if you prefer, get a cup of coffee and eat at the diner. (The Java Coffee is roasted by Cafe Moto, the diner coffee is not.)
Major’s Diner serves up comfort food and rocks a 1950‘s rock ’n roll style with Formica table tops and counter. Visit their website at www.majorsdiner.com.
 Next time you are driving out Interstate 8, take the Pine Valley turnoff and take a swing into the 1950s while enjoying a great cup of coffee and our local mountains.
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