Make Mine a Mocha

Mystic Mocha
2105 Mission Ave. (between Monroe & Madison, west of Texas)
San Diego, CA 92116

I thought mochas were just chocolate & coffee, but I’ve learned I’m oh so wrong, especially at Mystic Mocha. They have a Mexican mocha, butterscotch mocha, coconut mocha, black forest mocha, praline mocha, chocolate mint mocha, mocha mint mocha, & a Ghiradelli mocha, just to name a few. I counted 25 in all! My favorite is still Mexican mocha. There’s something special about Mexican chocolate…it’s less sweet, it’s just rich chocolate with a touch of cinnamon and sometimes a hint of nutmeg or allspice. Mexico has been at the art of chocolate making since the Aztec days (see, but add a shot of espresso & I’m in chocolate & coffee heaven.     IMG_0628

So whether it’s just chocolate you like in your mocha or one of the other choices listed above or even a little fruit (they have banana or raspberry mochas), stop by Mystic Mocha to see which one pleases your inner mocha.

Mystic Mocha is in the quiet neighborhood of University Heights where you’ll have no trouble parking (and there are no meters).

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