Road Trip!

Packard’s Coffee Shop
680 Main St.
Ramona, CA 92065

Look for this sign at the corner of Main St. & 7th St.

Look for this sign at the corner of Main St. & 7th

On my way to Borrego Springs I find Ramona to be a perfect point for a break. Packard’s, a coffee shop in a vintage gas station, is the perfect spot for that break. Decades ago people would stop here for gas & perhaps a soda (in a glass bottle, of course). Don’t know what a vintage gas station looks like? Flicker has a photo spread at Nowadays small town vintage gas stations like this usually sit empty, but thanks to a local family this one has a new life. Coffee, tea & pastries are their main fare, but on Saturdays & Sundays they do crepes from 9:30-3:30.

But back to that caffeine break. My choice here is their Las Hermanas coffee and a seat outside where the pumps used to be. I’ll watch Ramona drive by & enjoy my coffee, which is a strong Nicaraguan blend from roaster Café Moto ( It’s only another hour to Borrego…I can do it now thanks to my shot of caffeine!

For more on Borrego Springs check out But you don’t have to leave the Ramona area. Take your time & explore Old Town Ramona ( or visit one of the vineyards on the outskirts of town (, then grab another cup of coffee for the drive home!


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